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Picture framing is a natural addition to Waypoint Signs to fill a need on Quadra Island. Sarah’s background in sign-making & graphics and her design ability is combined with her love of hand-crafting individual projects. Having taken picture framing courses in the past, she is also continually upgrading her knowledge while offering quality custom framing materials from her primary supplier, Larson-Juhl. Visit their site for more information on their products. www.larsonjuhl.com

Larson-Juhl has been making beautiful custom framing materials for well over 100 years. Larson-Juhl's designers and manufacturing teams work hand-in-hand to bring you enduring frame designs in all of the popular home furnishing styles.

Larson-Juhl provides you with great design at all price points. Our top of the line products are beautiful water gilded moldings from our Senelar Atelier in France. Our other factories round out our broad selections with ornate patterns, unique colors and American Hardwoods in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes and prices. Larson-Juhl is devoted to bringing you fresh choices in timeless classics as well as new, innovative styles. Larson-Juhl also cares about the world we live in. We are the first custom framing manufacturer to offer environmentally friendly FSC and PEFC certified products. (Excerpt from Larson-Juhl site).

Sarah will take the time to discuss your vision for the piece you want framed as well as the most appropriate framing method or combination or methods and materials recommended according to the level of protection and preservation desired.

Although Waypoint Signs is a modest sized shop, it carries a good selection of materials to meet different quality needs and price levels. We prefer to use only conservation quality, acid & lignin free matboards and mounting materials in our custom framing. Most of our in-stock mat colors are Certified Forest Friendly. We also have a selection of qualities of glass available.

Our selection will grow as we learn what our clients want. Special orders for frames, mats, and glass are welcome and delivery is swift. We do our best to meet your deadline within your budget.

We can replace broken glass and perform minor frame repairs. We’ll also cut a new mat for your picture and frame if the old one is faded or you just want a new look. Local woodworkers and artists are welcome to bring their own projects in for any finishing, joining, mat/glass cutting services that I can help with. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Also available through Waypoint Signs is the option to have jpegs printed on canvas for the feel of a painting. Call for an estimate, we take care of ordering and shipping from local printers.

We usually have on site:

Tru Vue Conservation Clear Glass 97%UV, 2.5mm, 8% Lt reflection: will protect the image from most of the Ultra violet light which fades the image and deteriorates the paper substrates.

Regular picture framing glass is suitable for shorter term framing needs (something you will want to change in a few years) if you don’t  mind the fact that it will fade and deteriorate over time due to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.  The picture will suffer damage, even though not exposed to direct sunlight . Ambient room lighting can cause this as well. It is available in clear and non glare. The non glare glass is useful when framing with one, sometimes two mats, but it does dull the image because the glass, to be non glare, is etched chemically to get rid of the reflections.

Plexiglass: suitable for larger items where the weight of glass is unwanted. It is UV stabilized which means it won’t yellow for many years. (UV protecting plexiglass can be ordered as needed.) Even UV protected artwork should be placed away from direct sunlight.

We can order Museum glass when needed: is the highest quality glass available and protects from UV deterioration, yet also has an anti-reflective coating (as on high quality prescription eyewear) that makes the glass look like it's not there.

Artwork should never come in direct contact with the glass. Matting or use of spacers will separate the glass from the image.  

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Picture Framing Examples

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